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Desk Caddie® provides practical support to help develop financial planning strategies for clients. It also keeps you up-to-date with the latest news as well as tips for client reviews.

It is on-line and easy to navigate. But more importantly it is written in simple English.


With an ageing population and increasing costs for aged care services it is critical that you have an advice solution for your business to help clients understand aged care.

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  • Upskill your knowledge
  • Create partnerships with other professionals
  • Become an Accredited Aged Care ProfessionalTM

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We focus on financial planning strategies to help you create solutions for clients. Discover what we can do for you.

knowIT group is an Internet based learning and knowledge company, that specialises in online tools and learning for wealth advisers. The Strategy Steps’ online tool Desk Caddie® will form a central component of this strategy.

knowIT group was established in 2016 and is owned by Andrew Roberts, Wendy Tyberek and Wayne Wilson


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Strategy matrix advice tool

Strategy Steps is an independently owned business that is recognised for its expertise across a range of financial planning needs. We work with financial planners, lawyers, accountants and fund managers to help create strategic solutions for advice to clients  

Are you maximising business opportunities in client reviews? Or are you missing important advice areas for clients at various lifestages?

Financial advisers are faced with so many issues to keep abreast off, so let us take away some of the stress and worry. Don’t risk making mistakes or leaving out important areas when reviewing advice solutions for clients.

Find out more about our Strategy Matrix advice tool


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